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Experts in Packing and Preparation

Moving can be a very stressful experience. People often experience a time crunch trying to balance their work life with attempting to prepare for their upcoming move. This leads to many people attempting to pack everything the day before they’re supposed to move out—which is never a good idea. Here at Mustang Moving, we’ll go the extra mile to help make your move as convenient and as stress-free as possible, which is why we offer additional packing services.

Packing Rates

The pack days will be charged per box according to the box size. Packing will NOT be charged hourly or by a binding estimate. The prices below include the actual box and the labor of packing the items into that box.
Please note - Per Box charge is cheaper when you supply boxes.

Charge Per Box By Size

Boxes Supplied By Mustang Moving

Small = $15.00
Medium = $20.00
Large = $25.00
Extra Large = $28.00
Wardrobe = $30.00

Charge Per Box By Size

Boxes Supplied by You

Small = $11.50
Medium = $15.00
Large = $17.50
Extra Large = $17.50
Wardrobe = $20.00

Additional Items

Will be required as needed

Tape = $5.00 per roll
Packing Paper = $20.00 per bundle
Bubble Wrap = $20.00 per roll
Mattress Bags = $15.00 per bag (not required)
TV Box = $55.00 per box (Required for TVs 60 inches or larger)