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How do I schedule a move?

1. To receive an estimate, you can call us (336)-202-4232, email us (, or send us a message requesting an estimate by CLICKING HERE.
2. If you feel confident in what you need for you move, you can go ahead and book yourself online! Our easy-to-use software will walk you through the booking process. BOOK NOW

I scheduled my move online. Is there anything you need from me or was it really that simple?

Nope, you are all set! We will be arriving at your home at the date and time you scheduled your move for. If we have any questions about your move, we will reach out to you.

How far in advance should I schedule my move?

The sooner the better! We prefer 2-3 weeks notice, but we also realize it’s not always possible to plan in advance. We will do our best to accommodate last minute bookings.

How do I reschedule my move?

1. Contact Mustang Moving as soon as possible to request a different move date.

2. You should have received a confirmation email about your scheduled appointment. That email will allow you to reschedule yourself through our booking software.

Cost and Payment

How much will my move cost?

1. All local moves in Greensboro and surrounding areas are charged at an hourly rate. Your moving estimate is based on how many movers you need and how long it will take them to successfully complete your move. We start the clock after we do a walkthrough of your home and we stop it when we are completely finished at the final location. We guarantee that our movers will work hard to get your move done quickly, efficiently, and professionally. If you click the ‘Pricing’ tab on you can view our pricing structure.

2. We require a 2-hour minimum. All time past the 2-hour minimum is pro-rated to the minute. This means we NEVER round up to the nearest half hour or hour. We will only charge for exactly how long the move takes to complete after the 2-hour minimum.

3. The formula to calculate you move total is (Hourly Rate X Total Time on the Job) For example, if you have a 2-man crew at $200/hr and your move takes 2.75 hours minutes your total would be $550($200/hr X 2.75hrs =$550.00).

4. Click Here to Request an Estimate.

Does my move have a travel fee?

1. There are no travels fees within Guilford County. If one of your moving locations is located outside of Guilford County it is likely you will have a travel fee. Travel fees are applied if one of your locations is over 20 miles always from the center city of Greensboro and is not located within Guilford County. If a location is over 20 miles away from the center city of Greensboro but is in Guilford County, there will be no travel fee. If you are not sure if you move will have a travel fee or not just reach out to us!

2. Travel fees are determined by the following equation: $1 x per mile (round trip) for the address outside of Guilford County.

When do I pay and is a deposit needed to book?

No deposit is needed to book your move. All payment take place on site after the move is completed. We accept check, cash, and card. There is a 3% transaction fee for all card payments.

What is the best way to stay on budget?

Correctly preparing for your move will greatly help keep costs down and stay in your budget. The better prepared you are for us, the less time it will take. We recommend disassembling any furniture and cleaning/organizing as best as possible before our mover’s arrival. Additionally, having loose items neatly and securely packed into boxes prior to our arrival will prevent our crew from spending time doing this on your behalf. Also, make sure that our crew can easily access your home so that additional hauling (and time) is not required!

Am I expected to tip the movers?

This is completely up to you! We recommend you tip based on your overall satisfaction with our service and the friendliness of our moving crew.

Can I hire just the movers to help me load/unload my belongings?

Absolutely! If you don’t need our truck you can request 2+ movers based on an hourly rate for your move. The rate for hiring movers without the truck is the same hourly rate regardless because we never charge a truck fee.


Is Mustang Moving licensed and insured?

1. Yes, we are a fully licensed and insured moving company.

2. Below are the two insurance options you will be able to choose from on the day of the move. The insurance option must be chosen before the move begins.

Basic Value Insurance

This lower level of value protection is provided at no additional cost and is included in the hourly rate. However, it only provides minimal protection that is considerably less than the average value of household goods. North Carolina’s regulations state that each individual item is covered at .60 cents per pound unless the full value coverage was selected. For example, if a dining room table that weighed 100 pounds were damaged beyond repair then the max payout would be for 100 pounds or $60.00.

Full Value Insurance

This level of insurance protects your items to their full value on the market today. For example, if a dining room table that was damaged beyond repair was valued at $400.00 then you would be reimbursed for $400.00. Please note, the moving company reserves the right to repair or reimburse the customer for the cost of repairs if the damaged item is repairable. The cost of full value insurance is based on the number of bedrooms your current residence has and will be applied to your ending total. A 1-bedroom home = $90, 2 bedrooms = $150, 3 bedrooms = $200, and a 4 bedroom = $250.00.

Can Mustang Moving help me with my long-distance move?

1. Yes, we can assist with any long distance move within North Carolina. If you are moving over 35 miles, we will provide you with a binding estimate rather than working off the hourly rate. If you are moving over 35 miles, please contact the Mustang Moving office so we can provide you with the binding estimate.

2. We can also assist with out-of-state of moving. We are partnered with a freightliner company called Enlighted Freight Solutions. Please contact the Mustang Moving office for more information on this service.

How much can one 26ft-box truck hold?

Our 26-foot box trucks hold approximately 1500-1800 square feet of normally furnished living space. That is usually equivalent to an average 3-bedroom home.

How long does it take to load and unload a truck?

A COMPLETELY full truck takes approximately 2.5-3.5 hours to load and 2-3 hours to unload for a crew of 2 movers. We recommend a 3-man crew to save time and money, if your move will completely fill up a truck. A truck that is not full will take less time. Please keep in mind this is estimate is based off of industry averages. Some variables such as stairs, long-walks, and elevators can cause the load/unload to take longer than the industry average.

If my home is 2000sqft or more do I need 2 trucks?

We strongly recommend going with 2 trucks and a 4-man team for a home that is 2000sqft or more. Please be aware that a 26ft truck holds roughly 1500-1800 square feet of normally furnished living space. If the drive distance is 15 minutes or more from point A to point B. Taking multiple trips on the hourly clock can end up costing more money if everything did not fit in one truckload.

Can Mustang Moving overnight my items?

Absolutely! It will cost $150 a night, per truck. The maximum length we can hold your items for is 5 days.

Are there any items that can't be moved?

As licensed movers we are unable to move hazardous or combustible items (hairspray, flammable cleaning products, guns, propane tanks, any type of aerosol cans, etc).

Can Mustang Moving unmount and mount TV’s?

Unfortunately, licensed movers cannot drill in or out of walls due to liability issues. However, we can take the TV off the mount but we cannot unmount the TV mount from the wall.

Can the movers arrange my furniture at my new home?

This is no problem at all! We can accommodate any requests on the spot regarding furniture placement.

Is it possible to move during bad weather?

Absolutely! Our movers are prepared to move during any weather condition. We are equipped with all necessary supplies to keep your things safe. To save time (and reduce costs) we recommend that you clear the entry ways in preparation for our arrival. However, please be aware that weather conditions may increase the total time to complete a move. Our movers are trained to be as efficient as possible though! If the movers need to stop the moving process because the weather conditions are to severe, that time will be off the hourly clock.

Do you wrap items in plastic wrap?

1. We will always cover furniture with moving blankets for protection during transit, once on the truck. This standard way of moving will protect your items and will be the most time-efficient way of moving. However, if you prefer to have specific furniture wrapped in a blanket and then plastic wrapped before moving it into the truck, then please let us know beforehand. We will provide plastic wrap in these situations free of charge. We do not assume you want plastic wrap initially because that does add time to the hourly rate and we want to be as efficient as possible.

2. We cater to a wide range of clientele, with different needs. We never assume that a customer wants everything in their home wrapped.  With apartment moves, customers typically prefer for us to load the item(s) as-is into the truck and then protect them with moving pads for transit. This standard way of moving will shave time off of the hourly clock. For larger moves, we typically rely on the customer to make the decision on how they want their items protected. We allow the option for the standard way of moving or the prep day option.

3. For homes over 2000 square feet, we offer a prep day option at a discounted rate. This service would take place on a day prior to the move and offers an additional level of protection on your items. This day would fully be dedicated to prepping and wrapping for your upcoming move. Please contact the Mustang Moving office for more information about this. The reason we offer the discount is that we think that it is in both of our best interests to take the appropriate amount of time to protect your inventory without overloading the crew with tasks on the day of the move.

Can Mustang Moving disassemble and reassemble furniture?

Absolutely! We can disassemble and reassemble all furniture that is needed.

Can Mustang Moving disconnect and reconnect my appliances?

We can move the appliance(s) but we DO NOT unhook/reattach water lines for Washers, Fridges, or any other items that connect to water lines within your home

What is the best way to pack/prep my appliances for my move?

1.Please make sure that all appliances are dry, empty, and disconnected from any water, electrical, or gas connector. We will cover your appliances in moving blankets to prevent any scratching. Thawing out a freezer before our arrival is very important as it prevents leaking onto your other treasured items!

2. Before moving day, your washer and dryer must be completely disconnected. All utility service supplies (gas, electric, water) must be shut off and disconnected from the washer and dryer before they are moved. This includes switching off any electric breakers and shutting off any gas supply valves behind gas dryers. When you disconnect the water supply behind the washer and dryer, the drain hose should be removed from its standpipe.

3. Be careful when pulling your dryer out from the wall. There may be hidden electrical, gas supply lines or vents still connected. Your unit may have a flexible or solid vent pipe still secured by a clamp or screws. Remove these first before proceeding to move your dryer out from the wall.

Packing and Preparing for the Move

What is the best way to pack my things?

We recommend packing everything room by room & labeling your items. Mark anything breakable with a “fragile” marking, and keep these items separate so we can handle them with extra care.

How should I pack delicate items?

For items like dinnerware, ceramics, and glassware, it is a good idea to wrap individual items in newspaper, bubble wrap, or similar packing materials, filling interior spaces with extra material. Place all items in a sturdy box, with extra packing material between each item and in all empty spaces. Protect glass in picture frames with cardboard, then wrap them with newspaper or craft paper.

How should I pack my electronics?

When moving electronics (televisions, stereo systems, etc.) it is ideal to pack them in their original packaging. This will guarantee a snug fit. We also recommend marking electronics as fragile and setting them aside so we know to move them with extra care.

Should I do any moving before the movers arrive?

That is totally up to you! We are here to assist you with all your moving needs. You determine how much you want us to move. We highly recommend you focus only on packing. Making sure everything is ready and packed will guarantee a smooth transition into your new home. This will also ensure that your move is as affordable as possible!

Can Mustang Moving pack up my items and supply the necessary packing materials?

Should I empty drawers for dressers and cabinets?

Yes, emptying your furniture of all belongings will help ensure our movers transport your items safely to their new destination. Please empty all drawers and cabinets, and if possible, disassemble any large or heavy pieces. At Mustang Moving, our experts can help you disassemble and reassemble furniture when needed, and we will wrap and secure each piece for safe and secure transport.